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October 24: Neighborhood Alert | Recycle Bins

posted Oct 25, 2010 15:34:48 by Greenback_Woods
{E-mail Announcement 10/24}

It appears that there are at least two homeless men that come through on Thursday or at least every other Thursday evenings, about midnight or so. They are going through everyone’s blue recycle cans looking for recyclable items. The bad news is, there is no ordinance prohibiting it. It is considered public property according to the CHPD. The good news is, they are quiet and not making a mess in the process. So, if you see them, don’t bother to call it in because there is nothing the Police can do. Of course if there is something other than just looking through your trash that is going on, please do call it into the non-emergency line 727-5500.

Please, let’s continue to lookout for one other.

Thank you,
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