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posted Aug 28, 2010 05:48:24 by Claudia
So we go all out for Halloween, every year.

We've had to make a few changes due to disabled stuff, fire marshal's in Sacramento last year, and in general how much help we had. We've also had to deal with kids tearing, abusing, and damaging props and even other people. But, regardless of all of this, we still find a way to make a new haunted house every year.

This year will be no different!

We're currently debating many possible options for what we want to be our new theme this year, so we can begin making props and looking for our help.

I wouldn't mind this year if anyone had any other ideas for a theme this year. And, if anyone gets dibs on old scrap fencing, fishing wire, wooden pallets, large boxes and cardboard etc. or knows where to find any of these things free or cheap, please don't hesitate to let us know!

The community near us came through for us so much last year I could not thank them enough. Nothing done for Halloween is ever alone, and last year we had 7-8 homes and families near us who helped us out, and it was awesome!

Here's to seeing you all (I know we see just as many adults as we do kids!) this year like all the prior years!

- daughter of Rich
- co-owner of Daisy Mae
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